Grand Theft Auto online massive new details announced

In Game Informer magazine’s latest article on “Grand Theft Auto Online”, published experience to get started a lot about the details of the game. These details allow players to a certain extent, on the role of establishing an understanding of the system, including the choice of lifestyle to determine skills, as well as the composition of such robbery. At the same time, these details also show players how to manage a large number of Tibetan vehicles, a large number of activities you can participate in it, as well as how to pass the time with a friend.

Details are as follows :

– Role progress with some consistency, but did not culminate in the finale.

– “Grand Theft Auto Online” The goal is exhausted the means to earn more money and purchase more such kind of house and car industries.

– Role in cut scenes when interacting with other characters will appear in the animation, but no dubbing.

– Female roles can be used for the game.

– Almost all the activities of the story mode will appear in the “Grand Theft Auto Online” : ” robbery , tasks , attack gang base, hijacking armored vehicles, cars , etc. ,” and “tennis , golf and parachuting ” also included.

– According to the R Star CEO Leslie Benzies argument, the number of tasks will be more than 500. Some can be a single person to complete. Eggs other complex must team complete.

– “Grand Theft Auto Online” is set after the end of the main story. Some familiar faces will appear.

– For the other roles to help, they will now introduce the players to more friends, so you can extrajudicial world increasingly wide network of people.

– Franklin’s friend Lamar likely will introduce you to a car named Simeon Yetarian trafficking. He will ask the player to help car theft.

– If you become friends with the motorcycle gang , they may help in the task.

– A highly skilled friends in multiplayer mode allows you to disappear from the radar.

– And you close the security company can provide you with airstrikes.

– R satellite system used to control a dynamic players in the game, the first to join your friends and Bangzhong, and then the same class, the same location of the players.
– Games in the decision on the same players who did the game fully customizable, meaning that you can have the option to let the game decide who can join the game, you can also manually select their own players to join.

– Game will analyze the style of the game players, and then will display more suitable for your style task.

– The game includes rating system, as well as personal rating system.

– “Grand Theft Auto Online” is the role of the airport had just arrived in Los Santos, so the time to establish the role while establishing their parents, grandparents, and then a character will offer to the players. Then the player will choose a life style, select the role would do things like partying, take, criminals, sports mad and so on.

– The beginning of life skills will be according to the selected style to decide, but the same appearance as the role that can be changed.

– Sitting in the copilot’s players can control the radio stations, the development of points, using cameras or attack others.

– Press and hold the select button will pop up a menu. The player can use this menu to change the dress and actions.

– Self-phone camera can be used.

– Liquor store robbery when Mike players can move quickly to intimidate the clerk, and the clerk will react.

– Fled when police realized the scope of the police to leave.

– After each task will reward prestige and cash. Gang chieftains can choose who gets booty.

– Chieftains can choose pocketed booty, but obviously the other players may have a bad reaction.

– Players received an invitation by telephone , after receiving a seamless join activities.

– Players can depot handling of the car to make changes.

– The task will require large teams to provide a hall. In the lobby, players can be assigned snipers, hints and drivers and other roles. Team leaders can change the settings, such as time, weather, difficulty and number of restrictions on the player dies.

– The beginning of the task , each character has a different focus task.

– When you earn enough money you can buy a high-end residential, you can carry out similar robberies in single player mode.

– These tasks include multiple stages, also includes a planning stage. In the preparation phase, the task force and the player may want to get a helicopter purchase. Players can be a division of labor.

– If you want to enjoy the game, do not want to be disturbed, then you can turn passive mode. However, this mode will be automatically canceled when you shoot.

– Other players can kill you and take your cash, so the game encourages players to the front to the back and uses the ATM.

– Money in the bank , or can be consumed.

– If you were robbed , you can reward the murderer wanted to get revenge.

– Each house has a garage you buy. Mid-range apartments to accommodate two car garages, and high-end residential garage can save 10 cars.

– Garage can be used as an exhibition hall. You can enjoy their cars in the garage, you can also hire technicians to carry out maintenance on the vehicle. You can also give possession of car insurance, to avoid damage to the vehicle caused significant costs.

– You can invite friends home in drinking, watching strippers, you can also enjoy R Star Production of television programs.

– Task community through R Star Club of control means that the game developers can often make changes.

R Star recognition ” Grand Theft Auto 5 “in Europe and the United States release date for September 17, the platform for the Xbox360 and PS3. Japanese release date is October 10.



Detailed explanation of character creation in Star Wars The Old Republic

Sith Warrior – Jedi

The assisted DPS in game, provides the close combat output and act as Vice-tank role. Both are the most popular roles in Star Wars movies and in the game, players will be able to experience the power of the Force.

Francis Judge – Jedi Consular

Healer in the game, provides the team with BUFF and the restoration in in the battle, although the use of weapons as a lightsaber, fighting capability is weak. Judge could release signs Sith lightning skills. The Jedi Consular is more use of the force itself.

Imperial Agent – Smugglers

Remote DPS in game, get hidden effect through the use of the terrain, and enhance the role remote attack, is the main DPS in team battle. This type of career play is quite interesting, players need to find a special place on the map to get to make their own specific secret BUFF.

Bounty Hunters – Star Wars

MT in the game, although the use of a remote firearms class weapons, this does not affect the type of occupation of a team battle BOSS firepower to attract a major role in the game, after all, they are equipped with armor is the highest defense of all other occupations inside the.

The next column is the figure of the role players, was divided into four categories, remote DPSJiao small, ordinary type, strong type and strong build type. The following is the role of the players in the background, for example, in the screenshot is the name of the player who had been selected mercenaries. But what impact of the role background to the role we are still unknown.

Although only one shot, we have been able to clearly understand the whole process of character creation. As to whether the player’s facial features change here speculate after setting up these basic attributes, you can fine-tune the interface into the face, after all, no player will want to only have distinction on body.