World of warcraft mobile phone remote functions free releases to player

We can say World of Warcraft is a classic game, because it creates a real world, this world we live in full of difficult and dangerous.
Do you still complain that playing the game on mobile phone is not convenient? Now there is good news for mobile phone service users who use mobile phone to play “World of Warcraft”. “World of Warcraft” distance functions, including mobile auction house and guild chat, are free for all players from today. Certainly, remote service still needs the well intelligent mobile phone.

remote functionsThe introduction of remote auction house
Blizzard and Apple Company, release remote auction system in the iPhone mobile phones and the game heroes list, so now even if you are not be online, also can easily know the market quotation.
Now you can use the remote auction house through iPhone and any computers have the browser. I must admit I am a little worried about the system that will be abused by players, but I’m sure blizzard employees must have added the preventive measures.
Originally blizzard planned to buy and sell goods cost $2.99 per month by using remote auction system after the beta testing.
Can you think it is good  news?