Exposure ten important changes in “Resident Evil 6” – part four

9. The feel is different in civilized world
In the previous work, the story often occurred in isolated place, and only had zombies wanted to kill you. The “Resident Evil 6” doesn’t happen in barren wasteland, from another Angle to explanation, the world around you will be all zombies. In Leon campaign, at the first few hours will encounter screaming crowd and frightened survivors, you need to be face to face to the human nature.
You will also meet with a group of survivors of despair, and get along with them temporarily, in this period you need to help each other to survive, in addition to face terrible monster and also face human selfishness. Along the way, you will meet all kinds of people, and can see human faces in the “Resident Evil 6”.
10. Lack of resources
Generally speaking, it’s not necessary that search every corner in the whole map in order to a bullet, but you often will find that many ammunition will be used up soon. Every time after beating boss, often find you have nothing only the fist, so need to search the corner of the room.
Adding blood will be processed so, feel herbal is much rarer than previous, and even before using, need to be made into tablets. Although the production process is so simple, when making the game can’t stop. So you had better be ready in advance. The subsection blood, a pill can only respond to a grid, after the whole game process you will often be anemia, which also makes the game more exciting.