ArcheAge players to conquer the snow forest BOSS

West continent snow forest, BOSS locate Snow Forest Map West continent guardian tribe nearby. BOSS is called “fading Maas Tucci.” Is the way to do the task encountered BOSS (once again remind the players passing, do not poke a knife went curiously, BOSS is very angry, very serious consequences)

Nearly sixty people gathered troops, mighty again appear in the “faded Maas Tucci” in front. Prewar nurse and Master put BUFF, the soldiers drank gain potion completed. Put the range back to blue stick “Oran Jeff’s dream.” Gearing up once again open shot.

“Fade Maas Tucci” having a range of base and about 5 seconds AOE skills group taunt, AOE damage is about 1000 per second blood for 8 seconds, release preparation time is 1 second. Mocking taunt skill will close before the soldiers. So in the face of the BOSS, the real test of the players when the operation to go. If you have a habit of standing game pro who must get rid of this trouble.Otherwise, you will find that you suddenly do not blink hang time.

The third skill is summon mobs, mobs are the elite blame each injury and blood, the number of about six or so. We first mobs were cleared quickly.

Although there are players who played hanbok. But because time is too long, forgotten skills. So in advance and members did not communicate. Outset ate a burst loss, there are clearly some players still do not adapt to the operation of the ancient century. An open play BOSS instantaneous skill circumstances, instant seconds off 7 people. Although the sudden loss of 7 people fighting force, but fortunately nanny who is still relatively more. BOSS taken away by the soldiers, one a resurrection together.

After the half-blood in the BOSS, BOSS will call out elite mobs, we quickly shift fire, kill mobs. But immediately after the BOSS skills again, mocking + range AOE skills base, the soldiers of the blood hurricane. This time nanny who is manifested to the force, a lot of scope to increase blood and various gain BUFF, stunned BOSS is to grab the hands of the soldiers back. So, here I am as a fighter players Lihen day to thank all the players who nurse. Especially sister gamers.

There is also a small Tips, in resurrection after death to the resurrection point, the body is there a “death breather,” the BUFF. This will let you BUFF BOSS Metres five minutes can not use any skills. So, in the case of nurse team, after the death of the first resurrection do not worry. Let babemaries a one pull, so to play a greater combat capability.