Good news – The Secret World can be free to play three days

The Sevret WorldAlthough the “Secret World” gets about 200000 of the sales volume after putting on sale, and also has a relatively stable players group, this result is still far less than the expected of producers, Funcom stock is also falling.
Under the situation, Funcom also begins to adopt some ways to attract more players, recently they declared all new user can enter the game and free experience game three days, in this three days if players finish 30 task can be free to play another two days and obtain 1200 game mall currency, these mall currency was worth about $10. In addition, if the players can cross the first copy in the free time, can obtain a unique ring, this ring will provide additional experience addition for the players.
The CEO in Funcom before still said in recent an interview they are considering making game transformation to free, perhaps it is a start that the activity free playing three day they released.


How to get purgatory machine props in Diablo 3 1.05

In the 1.05 patch, the most concern “purgatory device” synthetic method basically has been developed, players need to get three pieces of key to summon the machine, and ultimately will get a legend ring as a reward.

keysGet three keys and need to synthesis for purgatory machine in the blacksmith place, so need the blacksmith learns special formula “CraftingPlan_Smith_Smith_RedPortalDevice”
At present the place of the formula dropping is unknown.
After getting three pieces of demon parts, you need to synthesis hell fire ring in the place of jewelcrafter, so need the jewelcrafter learns special formula “CraftingPlan_Jeweler_ShardRing”.
This formula can be gotten from vendor in the second act.
How to get the key?
In Reddit discussion version the Anurian pointed out that, players need to go to some places to look for Keywarden. The defender can be 100% refreshed, but not 100% drop the key!
The first key – the second act – Daegu Oasis
The second key – the third act – Stonewatch
The third key – the fourth act – silverlight spire
The ring properties
The rings as rewards you get have four versions respectively are power, quick, mental, and physical strength. According to the latest data displayed, the attribute of physical strength version is 100, the other three attributes range is 170-200 randomly.
Attribute description: ascending experience value for 35%, + 170-200 a main attribute (power/quick/physical/mental), + 4 random attribute, when you attack, it has chance to cast out the explosion hell fireball!
About ring in game shows
Key Destruction: the metal forges this strange twisted ring is from Baltimore field, but its contour seems to show that is not completed yet.
Key Hate: just touch the key which can let the person be full of hate all things on earth. What power they will cast if this key combined with and other several keys?
Key Terror: the key can really make holder into the evil and fear? It may still combine with other several components.
RedPortalDevice: the corrupt magic breath is continually flowed from the broken evil equipment. The evil transmission channel can only be opened in a cursed room.
DemonOrgan SpineCord: huge bones and nerve is constantly distortion to wriggle, seem to try to catch the muscles and tendon that have not been existed.
DemonOrgan_Tooth: the serrated teeth are from a dead avulsed body, but now it seems to become some shape for the existence of unknown purpose.
DemonOrgan_Eye: this squishy evil eye has been staring let a person feel very uneasy. It seems to wait something.
CraftingPlan_Smith_Smith_RedPortalDevice: on this piece of stagnant and yellowing parchment wrote full of strange demon equipment graphic mode.
CraftingPlan_Jeweler_ShardRing: in composition sends out evil, this ring is created by different parts of the evil body has incredible power.
Unique_Ring_024_104: it is made by captured equipment that is from the killing enemies, no one can deny that hero wearing hell fire ring is brave.