GTA5 ten predict Refresh Rockstar sales

From time to time, you always have heard of some news about the new screenshots or new rumors, in fact all of these are not accurate, and don’t have substantial content. Do you think the screenshots of a person riding a bicycle can provide you how much information?
The reliable sources of information are so few. It looks that Rockstar haven’t done anything, now they are like soaking in gasoline, only need to wait for flame. So, once again we have only a little bit of information, most of them are guessing. When the game finally releases, see which will be true about our ten GTA5 predictions.
It will break sales record

GTA series have incredible good grades in preselling and sales volume. Certainly, the most successful work is the “San Andreas”, in April of this year has been sold 22.76 million copies. “Vice City” is close to 2071 copies, the “GTA4” was ranked the third with 18.51 million copies.
But the “GTA5” will have an unprecedented promotion, Rockstar is familiar with the marketing strategy, and there are so many eager concern GTA series fans, it looks like the next works will break the former record, become the highest sales work of Rockstar.