Aion online professional product system

Avon business skills with other MMORPGs no difference. Through three steps to Aion Gold achieve the target article: Preparing Raw materials / ingredients; materials processing; goal finished product (success / failure). Probability of success depends largely on the player’s skill level manufacturing. If the player is not successfully manufactured, items will disappear all manufacturing materials.

Prepare raw materials / ingredients

Raw materials needed for manufacturing goods can be divided into the following four categories:

Raw materials collected from the wild for the manufacture of goods must first be defined before (ore -& bars / stones, wood -& paper, edible materials -& food). The initial production skills in several stages, including the most refined skills.

Manufacture of articles in Aion is worth noting that raw materials. Sale of materials and other business skills from the materials obtained are interconnected. For example, if you need [thin belt], you can get the appropriate business skills, but you can also be purchased from the appropriate NPC obtained from the NPC to purchase this material only drawback is the price higher, and create their own Materials needed skills upgrading will make you feel pleasure.

Materials processing

Ready for processing materials for gamers does not need special equipment to make tools. However, the player must find the corresponding equipment, which can be found near the city corresponding NPC. And manufactured items need to be patient. Players must pass three steps: material preparation, manufacturing / refining process, manufacturing final goods. Every step of the probability of buy aion kinah success or failure. So, before you proceed to manufacture goods, they have to hoard raw materials.


I have to make my weapon! Wisconsin profession allows players to manufacture metal weapons such as long-handled weapon, sword, sword, dagger, and scepter. Weapon forging material is usually obtained from the raw ore. The ore is also associated with forging armor.


How to make jewelry, bow / stick it… gem processing method allows players to manufacture jewelry, wooden weapons and various other objects. Now and stick through this professional manufacture. Gems and timber are usually made of materials.


Can make potions / Magic Roll / magic weapon! Pharmacy by restoring life and man while the player’s life play a crucial role. Alchemy of great benefit for law career, this job can produce high-quality law books and talismans. Use the herbs, wood and stone monster’s soul.


Excellent food makes me stronger! Cooking food and produce can provide role buffs. In the fertile continent of Atreia is easy access to material things. Common ingredients include fruit picked from the trees, caught fish from aion kinah the lake, obtained from the seaside and clam meat from monsters found in countless other materials.

Final Fantasy 1 Introduction

Final Fantasy the first work, at December 18, 1987 sales of this game and many components are preserved. The game screen and the system now, it is very simple. However, at the time, the game’s combat animation is unprecedented.

Japan is the world recognized by the big game country. For this reason, every year in the boutique and garbage is very much. To cultivate these were already numb masterpiece players in mind for a place, but not so simple. Although at the time of sale of FF1 attracted the attention of some players, but the sales results are not satisfactory. It’s no wonder. At the time, the mainstream market is being RPG like Dragon Quest Heroes game occupation. FF did not like such a strange game like fame and sudden success. It is impossible. Fortunately, however, the game still has some attractive places.

The emergence of some systems can be said that Final Fantasy was a mature system prototype. Unique role reversal, airship and unique animated battle screen, coupled with its character was designed by the famous Japanese illustrator Yoshitaka Amano, as these are the signs into the Final Fantasy series. (Apart from Yoshitaka Amano Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy characters are involved in eight other external settings.)

The story takes place in an ancient medieval era, the era of rampant swords and magic. Tells the story of the formation of the world’s four crystal fire, earth, water, wind being taken away, lost glory of the world is surrounded by darkness, gradually deserted. Is predicted to be selected as “Warrior of Light,” the four young people on the road. In today’s story, seems somewhat old-fashioned, but it has its own unique side. Space conversion and a lot of fascinating puzzles.

In fact, most say is crystal generation of the system. Is its establishment, only to transfer the system appeared three generations ? Light in the crystal, the game characters who can be transferred and learn magic. This formula in addition to the stone-based six, seven, eight, but are key to the game. Previous three protagonists are basically to protect the crystal – the support of the world stuff. Four generations, Crystal’s status began to change.

Call of Duty 10 plot revealed

“Call of Duty 10: Ghost” developer Infinity Ward recently accepted a British game magazine interview, reveal something about the story of the game for multiplayer mode and the latest news.

My group is now able to disclose information to us is not a lot. We now know that in the game’s multiplayer aspect of each map are able to interact with the players, such as including a map of the satellite above a crash, if you can succeed (alive) arrived at the crash point, then you will You can pick up a UAV. In addition, the game will also have a lot of multiplayer mode to expand customization options allow you to dress up their roles, a large number of single-player mode from the game’s skin has now been integrated into the multiplayer mode, they can help players in battle with other players when highlight their personality.

In the game plot, “Call of Duty 10: Ghost” is not “Modern Warfare” series or the “Black Ops” series, the story continues, but more like a brand new storyline. The game is set in the United States in the near future. At that time the United States has suffered several attacks, but large-scale war broke too many times. But now we do not know who the intruder.

No one knows this “ghost squad” where they come from or who they are, only knew the air squad represents salvation and hope. Game story revolves around two brothers launched their war-ravaged in the United States grew. The game story from the first time I saw the two brothers began to ghost squad. Also note that while the players inside called “Ghost” with “Modern Warfare” series who “Ghost” in no way related, at least in terms of the role they just name it exactly the same.

“Call of Duty 10: Ghost” on November 5 will be officially on sale, which will be released first Xbox One exclusive DLC, other platforms including the Xbox360, PS3, PS4, PC.

Have played ten most classic stealth games in the history – part five

2. “Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater”

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Its stories and operability is beyond the former two orthodox sequels, it is called the best masterpiece of “Metal Gear Solid” (“MGS”) series in the history, but in the view of the angle, majority of players criticized it. There is a very high praised in action, scenes and roles like movie.
This game was added into new “living system”, and the core system of the game. Players can see the role physical condition, eat freshly food that can be caught just (food will be corruption with the PS2 system time past), but there are some players criticizing the function “very troublesome”, on the other hand, also has praising sound. The game really performs CQC skills, like really sneaking to combat, at the same time expressively reflects the theme of “Outdoor Survival”.
1 “Batman: Arkham City”

Batman: Arkham City
By far it is the best animation adaptation game, also is the best superhero game, “Batman: Arkham City” is such a successful sequel.
“Batman: Arkham City” is still based on the atmosphere of “Arkham Asylum”, but this time the story is happen in Arkham City – Gotham city where has heavily guarded prison and put in prison a large number of thugs. And new work also has dubbing squad that many stars joined as well as the extreme cruelty villain in the Batman, and improve and strengthen the characteristics of game, make players have the ultimate gaming experience like “Batman: The Dark Knight” in general.
Numerous exciting villains, including clown, frozen, penguins, and so on. Perfect fighting, the impeccable stealth elements are all worth playing.

Exposure ten important changes in “Resident Evil 6”

The “Resident Evil 6” is unlike any former works before, first look at it you will feel quite familiar, but in fact if you play it, you will feel very different. Compared with previous game, in the game contains a large amount of innovation, trimming and expand, at the beginning you may not see. Take time to play, you will understand and see exactly what important change in new work.

Resident Evil 61. More fluent and intense
Although is very much like with the “Resident Evil 4″on the surface, the core game process of the “Resident Evil 6″ is large different from the previous work. Not returning to the before traditional and slow rhythm, new game created new terrorist experience.
Seen from the surface, it’s still the third person shoulder angle, but control feel is more directing and move feeling, for this, involved a lot of changes.
2. The characters are more real and more vulnerable
In the “Resident Evil 4&5”, although using more modern double rocker operation, you still feel you control a flesh tanks, movement is slow and rigid. But in the “Resident Evil 6”, the leading role was injected with DNA of Nathan Drake, which lets the role and angle control more independent, reaction is sensitive and fast, in whole we will feel smooth much. Don’t be happy too early, though the leading role is agile much, the price is accuracy and stability. It is more like a real person, not mobile battery.
If run too fast in the room full of f obstacles and corpse, Leon is very easy to be stumbled and hit. If one foot is fierce to step on the corpse body, inertia will directly knock down you. Even if like Chris the meat mountain is more likely to be knocked out. New feel is completely different, role is more vulnerable.

"The Guild Wars 2" recently opened the final test activity

The Guild Wars 2

The next generation MMORPG "The Guild Wars 2" that was developed by the ArenaNet has recently opened the final test activities of the game, and we are also very fortune to be able to be demo game. In the demo process, the producers added two new races in works, so we make the comprehensive analysis from creating role, fighting, the task and skills setting.
Create role
"The Guild Wars 2" is in order to allow players to regain the spirit of the role playing, establishes the role story identity. And in personal story, any option will be profound influence to the story way and the story, which is different from other online games, even if in the process you will meet many heroes to together adventure, but "The Guild Wars 2" will make you true create and live in a hero story belongs to your personal, and players can also invite companions to create his own story.
The task
"The Guild Wars 2" now adapt to dynamic events, in addition to the bondage of players in the traditional task mode, whether the player is participating according to the region to judge, and give different awards in the light of contribution. More important is in the game of “The Guild Wars 2 ", doesn’t exist the robbing monster problem, and hope that all people can joint to achieve the goal of events will need, and the system will also adjust the strong or weak according to the amount of area, which makes events more challenging, the game offers many dynamic events that waits for players to explore.