“Elder Scrolls OL” demo experience worth expecting – part two

Elder Scrolls OL

The following is introduced the battle mode of TESO. In TESO, battle mode is also very special, and different from the former “Elder Scrolls” series. According to the introduction of the game developers said, it is a very difficult thing that directly copies battle mode in “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim” to TESO, so they developed unique battle mode more suitable for the online environment.
In TESO battle mode, creats a new skills system. After the end of each round of fighting, the system will be based on the efficiency of your killing enemies scoring for your battle technology. For example, the monster will periodically release the charge attack, when face of this attack, the players can click the right key of the mouse to block. When attack is blocked, players can fight back in a very short time, that means the players can charge forced attack monster this time, which would cause great harm to monsters, and knock them to the ground. Attack the enemy in this way, the players will get skill points, skill points can also be used to do a lot of things.
First, after killing the monster, according to the high or low score of your battle skill, you will also gain additional experience reward. If the score is high enough, you also get the pickup box, from which you can have the game equipment. Second, skill points can be used to improve the effect of ultimate skill of the players. In addition, first ultimate skill that players get is in five levels, and in the process of rise to the full level, players can unlock the different ultimate skills. Each ultimate skill has its unique and very brilliant special effects, such as when your role is in five levels, your ultimate skill is dragon armor, after activated the skill the body of figures will be full of the spine that will cause fire damage to the enemies around the players.
In short, the TESO combat system is very powerful, fighting is a very smooth process. Even in the face of a group of enemies, you can calmly block and counterattack enemy attack, and use the skills to cause massive damage to the enemy. At the same time, you will see the fighting skill scores rising, it is indeed a very interesting feeling.


Ten kinds of method to avoid the “Mass Effect 3” bad ending – part four

7. Flexible professional design
In ME, the occupation is outstanding and effective, if you have to change a profession, can only restart a character, and may be depressed. If it can be designed into more flexible and free skill configuration, and allow the player to choose skills by themselves, and then become a mashup profession. Consequently, in the online battle, players can cooperate better through the skill set.
8. More romantic elements
In ME, the love across race is a little strange, and love only needs to choose the right answer, basic always say some sweet words you can success. I didn’t mean to extend love into 10 hours of content, but now it is so simple that players think it insults the player’s intelligence quotient (IQ).
9. Causality
Why was the ending of ME3 made players disappointed, when you chose in two former work, but you actually did not feel, are you angry? Many games, like ME all superficial have multi-line narrative, when the final high tide comes, should let players see their choice to the influence of the game.
For the game design, must be very headache, but can’t just palter. After the ME3, Bioware has proved to us, hope they can step on later.
10. More dialogue options
In the ME3, the dissatisfaction is having too little dialogue an option, often a choice is not given to you. The remedial method is also very simple, add more things, and don’t impose your own moral into the game. Let the players feel that there is indeed difference if choices.