Detailed explanation of character creation in Star Wars The Old Republic

Sith Warrior – Jedi

The assisted DPS in game, provides the close combat output and act as Vice-tank role. Both are the most popular roles in Star Wars movies and in the game, players will be able to experience the power of the Force.

Francis Judge – Jedi Consular

Healer in the game, provides the team with BUFF and the restoration in in the battle, although the use of weapons as a lightsaber, fighting capability is weak. Judge could release signs Sith lightning skills. The Jedi Consular is more use of the force itself.

Imperial Agent – Smugglers

Remote DPS in game, get hidden effect through the use of the terrain, and enhance the role remote attack, is the main DPS in team battle. This type of career play is quite interesting, players need to find a special place on the map to get to make their own specific secret BUFF.

Bounty Hunters – Star Wars

MT in the game, although the use of a remote firearms class weapons, this does not affect the type of occupation of a team battle BOSS firepower to attract a major role in the game, after all, they are equipped with armor is the highest defense of all other occupations inside the.

The next column is the figure of the role players, was divided into four categories, remote DPSJiao small, ordinary type, strong type and strong build type. The following is the role of the players in the background, for example, in the screenshot is the name of the player who had been selected mercenaries. But what impact of the role background to the role we are still unknown.

Although only one shot, we have been able to clearly understand the whole process of character creation. As to whether the player’s facial features change here speculate after setting up these basic attributes, you can fine-tune the interface into the face, after all, no player will want to only have distinction on body.

The combination of death and supernatural fighting 2Necromancer Secret

“Guild Wars 2” from the formal sale closer, the Guild Wars 2 Gold extraordinary quality MMORPG has so many players who look forward to this rich content, excellent picture for a long time. But in the beginning, “Guild Wars 2” legendary adventure, you need to face the choice is: Occupation. In all eight kinds of occupations, including a variety of combat will be the perfect way to blend into the darkness deadly combination, that is death and outsider forces commander “Necromancer”.

“Necromancer” and “Guild Wars 2”, like other professions, there are several methods of combat. He not only be able to use melee weapons but also in the distant chant dark spells. Their spells can not only cause direct damage to the enemy will attach different negative effects, such as “bleeding” will make the enemy continued to lose the value of life, and “disability” will make the attacker’s movement speed is reduced.

These abnormal state with the skills so that “Necromancer,” the battle to fully neutralize opponents. Only in the face of multiple targets, will allow the “Necromancer” feel the pressure. May be even so, “Necromancer” is also able to call out the bugs, and the specter of war to help themselves.

In the beginning, “Necromancer” is Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold the default treatment skills summon a “demon blood”, it will draw the enemy’s health supplement to the Summoner. After activating this skill, it will become another trick that lets Devil Summoner sacrificed to greatly enhance the value of life. With the experience of the acquisition, “Necromancer” can also summon other demons, including a pair of small but quick action of the monster, and remote attacks flesh worms.

In addition to these summons, “Necromancer” You can also use tags and springs to control the surrounding environment. Spring will be around there, affects both teammates and enemies. Markers can be placed at a distance, free activation.

“Necromancer” The most interesting part of the skill is his ability to absorb life. He was able to extract him from the body life force, this unique energy will be provided to the Death Shroud skills, so that “Necromancer” cast powerful spells or summon unique monsters.

And other occupations, “Necromancer” There is tremendous potential. Take advantage of the skills with negative effects, reasonable call, with the Death Shroud skills, “Necromancer” has a Buy GW2 Gold surprisingly powerful capabilities.

What differences between DOTA2 and the DOTA

As the orthodox sequel of DOTA series, it is said “DOTA2 (booking)” will try to restore DOTA, and take care the operation habit of the old players, but after all the engine is different and times is also different, some things in the game will certainly be changed adapting to the times, first let us see what changes are there in game.

1, game lobby
In order to clear their own ambitions, and also in order to profit, DOTA2 certainly will not be played like DOTA as a free WAR3 map. In match mode, before players can enter into the game to decide the choice of the hero, and we can see, the hero will wear different types of equipment to change the shape, and of course, these equipments do not influence the hero property.
2, screen mobile
Players who are familiar with WAR3 newly contact DOTA2 engine will certainly be a subtle feeling, in addition to the game screen becoming more real and gorgeous, in the scroll of the screen, it also has different feeling with WAR3, when move screen, there is a slight acceleration sense, which is one of the things most likely to affect the operation of players.
3, the operating mode
If you do not use the “changing key tools” in DOTA, all operating buttons are fixed, so that one of the biggest disadvantage is that you must be familiar with the skills of each hero shortcuts and to ensure the accuracy to press. But when entering the DOTA2 times, the set of skill keys is adopted the setting of QWER (EF) the same with LOL, players can also set into preferences button in setting.
In addition, in the game skills upgrading is no longer like in WAR3 clicking the yellow “+” sign to learn, but the first click the yellow tips on the head portrait, and then select the appropriate skills, compared to directly click to upgrade skill in LOL, this set seems a bit complicated.

“Elder Scrolls OL” demo experience worth expecting

ZeniMax Online in May of this year published a number of relevant game details about “the Elder Scrolls OL”, and players have different repercussions for the game content. Recently, media reporters in the United States visited the game studio. During the time, he also was fortunately to demo the “Elder Scrolls OL” that currently is still in the development, and released some interesting features of this game.

Elder Scrolls OL
According to the reporter demo and introduction, “Elder Scrolls Online”, here we referred to as TESO) is some different from the most current games on the market, here the different means, all the career can be equipped with any type of weapons and armor. In addition, all the character skills are divided into two kinds, one is public class skills, the other is additional skill. Getting public class skills is according to the proficiency of combat way that players use, the combat way refers to the what kind of weapons player use, is single hand + shield, or dual wield or hands, etc. And obtain additional skills are according to players attribute points which are distribution to players three main attributes – health value, manual value, the proportion of mana value to determine. For example, you add most attribute points to the physical value, the character will get passive skills that movement speed increases and recovering health value and life value skills after killing the monster. Because skill system is such continuity characteristics, therefore truly reflecting the characteristics of a profession is the only one professional exclusive skills. For example, the career dragon knight, it exclusive skill is altering reality.
If you had played the other games of the “Elderly Scrolls” series, so you’ll soon understand the operation mode of TESO. WASD is used to move characters. The mouse controls face direction. Space key is jumping. Shift key is used to accelerate running. Fight control also is the same with the former the “Elderly Scroll OL”. Click the left mouse button waves weapons, press the mouse left key is storage force, hold the right is blocking an attack.

Introduce Guild wars 2 legend level weapons can only get through production syste

The “Guild Wars 2 (Reserve)” is as an action online game, equipment is not everything, but who don’t want to get good equipments? The game has been listed to be operation for more than a month, and a lot of players have also been full level, began to collect all kinds of equipment, recently ArenaNet particularly introduced the legend level weapons that players are very concerned about.

Guild wars 2
The legend level weapons can only obtain through the production, so it is impossible to get them only through continuous beating copy, if want to make equipments, shall know that required materials, this is the key point, because players themselves need to try to find out the formulation and preparing materials, which is accord with the core thought of game to encourage players to explore, certainly, you can find another player’s research results and strategy in all kinds of BBS.
Produce the legend of level weapon, first need to get exotic level of lead weapons (of course your corresponding production skills need to meet the requirements), then need gift which they can get in many areas of the Tyria mainland, different gifts can make different weapons, the last is to be ready for all kinds of ores, wood, trophy and karma points.

Do you know the big change in Diablo 3

Diablo diablo 3

The comprehensive change
(1) The animations play speed of resurrection teammates is no longer association with your attack speed.
(2) The player in hell difficulty will not enter into purgatory difficulty by the way of creating and leaving the public games.
(3) When the single player play games, can’t avoid death again through pausing the game and landing on the account in other computers.
(4) Improve some performance for the PC version and MAC version client.
(5) Fixed the BUG that allows players temporarily to pick up the items belongs to other accounts.
The change in auction houses
(1) The items state notes will now correctly show the items attributes after inlaying the gem in auction house.
(2) The affix professional limited will now correctly display the properly defined career.
(3) When players are unable to store the goods in storehouse will not continue to buy a large number of article.
(4) The information on each tag that shows in the auction house now should be reset correctly when log out.
Fixed the skills of a lot of role in the game, when you log in, you will know clearly.