Return to the 2003 Blizzard WOW information station decade ago – part3

Early Warlock only had human and orc two major optional races, main skills were sacrifice, the confrontation magic (evil demon spell, not the counter) and summons demons. Warlock positioning has not changed much, at essence, changes in later are just the strength of the adjustment, and increase or decrease of skills.
Early Druid optional races are the Night Elves and Tauren, this situation has continued to cataclysm. Druid was to be positioned as a mixed vocational skill from the beginning, mainly skills were transfiguration, healing and moonfire. They represent the wild, restoration and balance respectively. This design idea has also been extended to today.
Up to the early, fighters have kinds of optional races were human, dwarves, night elves, orcs and tauren (no souls). While the position more inclined to tank human shields, the two skills – Shield Slam and defensive posture more emphasis on defense. Whirlwind is output skills, has been retained for the soldiers until now.
The early mage only had an alliance of humans and dwarves. Dwarf mage is later removed, and is replaced by the souls. The earliest mage has indeed legendary stealth skills, but when the thieves came, they stole the Master’s masterstroke, the icon of the Ice Barrier earliest belonged to the Ice Barrier. In addition, the fireball is the master output skills from the initial.


A new play “dynamic events” is released by “Guild wars 2”

The style of the Massive-Multiplayer On-Line(MMO) is formulated by “World of Warcraft” which was released in 2004 by Blizzard, and becomes laws that the game industry seek for when they develop a new MMORPG, ArenaNet determined to say they will develop the new line by “Guild wars 2”!
ArenaNet global brand image director Christopher Lye recently received north American media interviews and said the truth, they eventually understand that copying the past some mode can’t create a truly great MMO work, and he also believed that now many so-called MMO just followed the similar task system and combat structure of “World of Warcraft”, so at last players can only repeat of playing the familiar work. He thinks that now the biggest problem of MMO is the lack of innovation design, and the “Guild wars 2” will bring change.
Dynamic events will meet the need of players
The most obvious difference is the “Guild wars 2” provides “dynamic event system”. Christopher Lye said they understood the desire for game content is almost insatiable for players, despite originally published version already had some content stock, but soon couldn’t meet the players, so they bother to develop the new process which not only can save designers a lot of time but also can let “dynamic events” satisfy players, developers can continue providing new events through simple and convenient adjustment, let players have been keep the newness.
In addition, the “Guild wars 2″will also break general commonly practice of the MMO─the combination is composed by the soldiers, priests, and DPS (usually the mage) the three profession, they make every profession in the game have basic care ability, and hope to take this opportunity to let players create more tactical and possibilities when play in the team.
Christopher Lye believe MMO gamers are waiting for a new and full of charm of combat mode, and the “Guild wars 2” will bring the change, although some people think that this attempt may take the risk, they think that conservative will take more risks. When the players really play to the “Guild wars 2”, will realize the radical change, they will set up a new MMO genre.