Gran Turismo 5 will be developed to treat spinal cord injury

Not long ago, the media reported that there is the doctor practice hand function by CS to get minimally invasive surgical operation awards, causing the player hot discussion. Coincidentally, the game will once again be merit for medical.
Recently, Singapore’s Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s occupational physicians are using a new tool to help those with spinal cord injury patients recovering health, the name of this tool, for every gamer is quite familiar with, it is a well-known racing masterpiece “Gran Turismo 5”.

Gran Turismo 5Physician Ernest Thia said, he was an early start to use the game to help his patients Winfield Lim, early in this year, Winfield Lim suddenly happened on hemiplegia at home, he was difficult to self-control from the chest, but now he has been able to re-rate his driver’s license.
In the treatment, in addition to the traditional treatment, Lim also must play “Gran Turismo 5” for half an hour during each course, of course, he is very professional to manner through a Logitech steering wheel and pedals, and his treating physician will supervise his coordination and reaction time aside.
When it comes to games, Thia said: “This game is actually born with racing, so I will add some restrictions.” For example, ask patients to do the action coordination test of hands and feet at a certain speed.
Winfield Lim is indeed recovering well. “I had really depressed,” he said. “But this game makes me all day clear up, because when you play it, you’ll have fun. You are surrounded by laughter, even those ward mates who look at my operation, they are also very happy.”

Do you know the big change in Diablo 3

Diablo diablo 3

The comprehensive change
(1) The animations play speed of resurrection teammates is no longer association with your attack speed.
(2) The player in hell difficulty will not enter into purgatory difficulty by the way of creating and leaving the public games.
(3) When the single player play games, can’t avoid death again through pausing the game and landing on the account in other computers.
(4) Improve some performance for the PC version and MAC version client.
(5) Fixed the BUG that allows players temporarily to pick up the items belongs to other accounts.
The change in auction houses
(1) The items state notes will now correctly show the items attributes after inlaying the gem in auction house.
(2) The affix professional limited will now correctly display the properly defined career.
(3) When players are unable to store the goods in storehouse will not continue to buy a large number of article.
(4) The information on each tag that shows in the auction house now should be reset correctly when log out.
Fixed the skills of a lot of role in the game, when you log in, you will know clearly.