What leads Dragon Age 3 to postpone the listing

Star Wars Online

Recently, EA in its quarterly published financial statements said, “Star Wars: the Old Republic” online number fell from 1700000to 1300000, at the same time, the game player and industry insiders of “Star Wars OL” expressed their concerns and accused of the game on variety occasions.
Analyst Pachter said in an interview, “Star Wars OL” users decrease leaded to the “Dragon Age 3” extension of public.
Analyst Pachter said: “due to the great investment on Star Wars, it not only does not bring the expected benefit, but also the loss of many users, this also leads the “Dragon Age 3” game production to have to be delayed. We think, in order to make the game can be a long operation, the most game designers of “Dragon Age 3″ are transferred to the production of ” Star Wars: the Old Republic”. They make additional content for the “Star Wars” game, as well as to repair some of the game BUG.”
Despite the online game player number decline, “Dragon Age 3” was delayed, but Pachter remained optimistic about the future of the EA, particularly after the earnings announcement — EA fourth quarter profit income has increased.
I believe that users decrease is temporary, it must rise in future, and the “Dragon Age 3” will also get a good benefit.