Have played ten most classic stealth games in the history – part five

2. “Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater”

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Its stories and operability is beyond the former two orthodox sequels, it is called the best masterpiece of “Metal Gear Solid” (“MGS”) series in the history, but in the view of the angle, majority of players criticized it. There is a very high praised in action, scenes and roles like movie.
This game was added into new “living system”, and the core system of the game. Players can see the role physical condition, eat freshly food that can be caught just (food will be corruption with the PS2 system time past), but there are some players criticizing the function “very troublesome”, on the other hand, also has praising sound. The game really performs CQC skills, like really sneaking to combat, at the same time expressively reflects the theme of “Outdoor Survival”.
1 “Batman: Arkham City”

Batman: Arkham City
By far it is the best animation adaptation game, also is the best superhero game, “Batman: Arkham City” is such a successful sequel.
“Batman: Arkham City” is still based on the atmosphere of “Arkham Asylum”, but this time the story is happen in Arkham City – Gotham city where has heavily guarded prison and put in prison a large number of thugs. And new work also has dubbing squad that many stars joined as well as the extreme cruelty villain in the Batman, and improve and strengthen the characteristics of game, make players have the ultimate gaming experience like “Batman: The Dark Knight” in general.
Numerous exciting villains, including clown, frozen, penguins, and so on. Perfect fighting, the impeccable stealth elements are all worth playing.

Have played ten most classic stealth games in the history – part four

4. The “Assassin’s Creed II”

Assassin's Creed II
Yes, all the “Assassin’s Creed” series are wonderful stealth games, here say the most successful “Assassin’s Creed II” as representative.
This works is the orthodox sequel of “Assassin’s Creed” series. The story stage of the game is from the Jerusalem of Crusades period to the Italian Renaissance, distance from the first works story more than three hundred years. In the DNA of bartender Desmond Miles, Abstergo Company found him another ancestral memory, and the aristocratic Ezio Auditore Da Firenze lived in the fifteenth century. The protagonist was a noble young persecuted by opposite family, he chose to revenge for his family.
Since then, in the history, the game the most successful assassin was born.
The “Assassin’s Creed II” was introduced new tasks and game elements, was added more kinds of weapons and props and derived richer zippo, is greatly improved compared to “Assassin’s Creed I”.
You may ask, Why not the first? Because to be honest, the “Assassin’s Creed II” completely is not a stealth game, just sneaking is really very important, and is done well.
3. “Dishonored”

It is recently released just. “Dishonored” is created by the “Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic” producers Arkane, the game that Bethesda issued fused the science fiction elements of “Bioshock”, the opening and exploration of Assassin’s Creed, the adventure elements of “Deus Ex” series, and many other games. Leading role has great power, for example, the “red heart” elements can be comparable to GPS, the spell of summon mice and other animals. In addition, there are bending time, storm, and heart transfer of small range, speeding and other ability. And most important element is the stealth.
Players will control Kovo, a royal guard and rodent summoner. The protagonist has special ability, especially occupy skills. The latter will be no consciousness to invade your brain, and will still be in their daily tasks. In short, as long as you want, nothing can’t be done.

Have played ten most classic stealth games in the history – part three

6. “Splinter Cell: Conviction”

Splinter Cell: Conviction
Ubisoft popularity game the latest works of “Splinter Cell” series the “Splinter Cell: Conviction” is developed by Ubisoft company Montreal studio. New works still supports online mode.
This game is the fifth works of the series, the “Splinter Cell: Conviction” shines again after accumulated the former experience. The gameplay is very free, in the game each item has its physical properties, the vast majority of them can be used for Sam, and you can throw all kinds of furniture near you to the enemy, and even throw paper into the enemy face to keep out line of sight. The enemy’s Al also is designed relatively well, and can be shield by using the table or other items.
“Splinter Cell” series are joined in action parts in open scene of the day, which increases more challenging and difficulty in stealth operations and sneak.
5. “Deus Ex: Human Revolution”

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
“Deus Ex: Human Revolution” is a game looks like shooting game action RPG, its outstanding place is that it can give you a lot of tool to allow you to interact with environment, and the direct way of Deus Ex often is destruction. Therefore, the game not only encourages you to innovate, sometimes you have to do so.
In the “Human Revolution”, many things are not different in original “Deus Ex”, you can interact something more, narrative is more exquisiteness. The most important thing is stealth element accounting for large part.

Have played ten most classic stealth games in the history – part two

8. “Mark of Ninja”

Mark of Ninja
This work has so saying for the 2D version of “Ninja Gaiden”. The production company Klei had once successfully developed “Flashers”.
The game is very rosy. Klei really want to creat a ninja game, instead of just a game taking ninja as the protagonist. You feel you are a secret assassin. From game mechanics to the game background, from the style to the action, all show, you are a ninja. Lurking in the shadow is the theme of the game. You can choose different routes, and can also take different response when encounter enemies, certainly every rout has its disadvantage and disadvantage. The developer said theoretically, it is possible to not kill a person to bypass level.
7. “Hitman 4: Blood Money”

Hitman 4: Blood Money
It has no idea that the hitman series also need a certain amount of effort to be improved on this list before the appearance of the hitman 5. “Hitman 4” is considered quite good works.
Compared to the previous three works, “Blood Money” has new breakthrough in playing, not only the “Code 47” role has major change, game freedom and action elements of the game have changed dramatically, and even in the previous three works, a hitman career instinct – “assassination” the definition in the true sense is not executed to the end, in the new work it really shows in the “notoriety system”, the following will the introduce to you.
The first is the familiar bald hitman “Code 47”, in the new work is not only a hitman, also is “hunter-killer”, it seems that with the increase of the popularity, the production team will want to attract players by some new tricks, in “Rainbow Six: Lockdown”, the No. six member is no longer a “hunter”, “hunt”, but becomes “prey”, so begin self-help action.

Have played ten most classic stealth games in the history

With the release of “Dishonored”, stealth game seems to have ushered a climax belonging them. It can combine the most exciting elements of the game, including fighting, tactics, strategy, and handsome protagonists.
If you play such games, you have to spend more time than playing other games, because your any inadvertent error may lead you to being found or failed. In short, bold and cautious are the final requirements for this type of game.
Welcome you to challenge! These classic stealth games, have you played them?
10. “Sly 2-Band of Thieves”

Sly 2-Band of Thieves
The most low-key masterpiece! It is my favorite game on the PS2, “Sly 2” is particularly fun.
Sneak on, aerial combat, naval battles, action, puzzle. It is not just so, it really makes people stop playing. This is not playing because of playing, and the game is worth careful tasting.
In the game, players will act as a fox (civet cats?) You escape police tracking and seize the treasure in a variety of sinister circumstances with his team.
9. “Sniper Elite V2”

Sniper Elite V2
This is a “remote stealth” game, but the charm did not lose the other stealth games.
“Sniper Elite V2” is the sequel of the sniper class game “Sniper Elite”. This will be the most realistic World War II sniper games. The players needed to carry out a series of stealth assassination mission on the battlefields of World War II, and knocked down Nazi scientists one after another. The work completely continues the style of “Sniper Elite”, tried to create true sniper experience, is added unique “struck camera” system, which can show the destructive power of sniper, also including X-ray detail of slow lens, showing real detrimental effect.