Detailed explanation of character creation in Star Wars The Old Republic

Sith Warrior – Jedi

The assisted DPS in game, provides the close combat output and act as Vice-tank role. Both are the most popular roles in Star Wars movies and in the game, players will be able to experience the power of the Force.

Francis Judge – Jedi Consular

Healer in the game, provides the team with BUFF and the restoration in in the battle, although the use of weapons as a lightsaber, fighting capability is weak. Judge could release signs Sith lightning skills. The Jedi Consular is more use of the force itself.

Imperial Agent – Smugglers

Remote DPS in game, get hidden effect through the use of the terrain, and enhance the role remote attack, is the main DPS in team battle. This type of career play is quite interesting, players need to find a special place on the map to get to make their own specific secret BUFF.

Bounty Hunters – Star Wars

MT in the game, although the use of a remote firearms class weapons, this does not affect the type of occupation of a team battle BOSS firepower to attract a major role in the game, after all, they are equipped with armor is the highest defense of all other occupations inside the.

The next column is the figure of the role players, was divided into four categories, remote DPSJiao small, ordinary type, strong type and strong build type. The following is the role of the players in the background, for example, in the screenshot is the name of the player who had been selected mercenaries. But what impact of the role background to the role we are still unknown.

Although only one shot, we have been able to clearly understand the whole process of character creation. As to whether the player’s facial features change here speculate after setting up these basic attributes, you can fine-tune the interface into the face, after all, no player will want to only have distinction on body.

Battlefield 4 will increase the number of scale

According to a reliable foreign news media, we learned that DICE Battlefield 4 multiplayer modes are testing, but this size will be more than 70 players. “Battlefield 4” is usually a small team of five people, this feature is very reasonable. Now there will be a multiplayer game 32 players involved, but six small team to full strength, the result will be the remaining two players. If 70 + players that support multiplayer modes, this problem will be completely resolved, so that you can replace a good maximum support 66 players multiplayer mode.

70 + in multiplayer mode one team has at least 35 players in total can be divided into seven groups, players will no longer have to be left out.

Add two players that the game will not reduce the quality and balance. Do you think DICE multiplayer modes cap raised to 70 + how, change is good or not?

Guild Wars 2 Eight Ranger team to beat monster suspending as goldsmith

Eight Ranger

Recently, there are players in “Guild Wars 2” have found a strange phenomenon, 8 rangers dressed in the same clothing, together with the same pet teamed to beat monsters, when they attack monsters, the skills they used are also the same, game media Gamespy that reported this event outspoken pointed out that this could be another masterpiece that goldsmith studio did.
These Ranger are not only the same race and armor, but also use the bear as a pet, the most important is that their IDs are similar Kfhfghgb, Jgfhftgf,, Lhvcnbvb these meaningless letters, after the players carefully observed, the routes that they beat monsters are also basic fixed, in addition, Gamespy also pointed out that the reason they are the same armor, is because they use the most fundamental and most ordinary armor to maximize the reduction of the cost of repairs. When they were struck down by monster, often there will be naive players to pull them up, or even if they also suspect these Ranger, but saving people can gain experience, why not do it?
Although a client of “Guild Wars 2” needs to be paid $60, if do so, it is very likely to be suspended account, but the fact is, they can purchase the discount client through the online store, and they do not seem to worry about being suspended the account, because they really are not suspended account, Gamespy pointed out that many of them have been in level 40, and what are ArenaNet doing? Perhaps they feel that they have not enough evidence to prove that these people are goldsmith.

World of Warcraft appears BUG players will be punished if enter into the copy in advance

Recently, it claimed that the “World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandanria” appeared BUG, players can advance into the two copies of the “fear of the heart” and “Yongchun Station” that have yet been opened, and there is society already getting through random team mode, obtaining 483 equipment. According to the announcement on battlenet microblogging, at present, the related vulnerability has been repaired, and the official will punish the action of destroying the game balance.

World of Warcraft
After this week maintenance, three BOSS random team mode will be unlocked after team copy “Magic Mountain treasure”, according to the unlock progress official released, the “fear of the heart “and” Yongchun Station” will be unlock in early November. But players find that under the team copy “Magic Mountain treasure”, choose to send out copy and then go to entrance of the “fear of the heart “and” Yongchun Station”, you can go directly to the two copies that have not yet opened.
It is exposed many guilds have gotten through random team mode, and members got 483 equipment. This led to discussion of a lot of friends.
Today, battlenet published announcement on microblogging: We found that some players in advance entered into the copy of the “fear of the heart” and “Yongchun station” by using BUG. Because the two copies are not yet opened, affecting the balance of the game. We had fixed this problem and made a comprehensive survey in the situation of the use of the BUG into the copy. For any breaking game balance behavior, we will be dealt severely, punitive measures, including not limited to recover all the violated items, froze accounts, etc, for players these punishments are considered as more severe penalties.
Dear players, do you support sternly dealt with players who enter into the two copies in advance?

Absolutely can’t miss the ten big adventure games

“Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis”

Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis
After this game getting great success, the game company may soon make a continuance. Because have no film that can be based on, so the company decided to create an original story, just make up a continuance. Three kinds of game modes in the game let you experience completely different gaming fun: one is organizing team with teammates, second is given priority to solution, and finally is given priority to fighter.
The “Day of the Tentacle”
You will control three friends who tried to stop Purple Tentacle control the world. At last, your three roles respectively appeared in the building, also just is the action of one of the characters will affect another role, which will lead to the birth of some real mystery. Can you imagine the feeling that put a hamster in microwave oven?
“The storm”
Although from the original date, the clicking adventure games mostly have the same mode, but Quantic Dream game studio has been committed him to innovate this kind of game to the new generation of players. In their latest this game, you will be involved in a dark story: the four characters chase to kill a lady who killed many people in the town. The game is full of rapid response events, if don’t pass the one also will not lead to the game over, but put you down on a new story development orbit and start to go towards the other end. This is really a game can give players emotional experience.