Reveal the “TERA” latest version in South Korea server

In early March, the “TERA” has large-scale upgraded and added the “Yall Kun queen Part1 “game content.
The updated content of Yall Kun queen Part1 includes the level cap of game vocational character adjustment, new items to join, new copy regional and other rich content. And also upgrade and update PVE game content. However, players pay more attention to the balance problem between vocational characters and relatively PVP game content doesn’t change a lot. But in the upcoming Yall Kun queen Part 2 updating, will adjust these content, this is also the official has been public before.
In order to understand the content of the relevant update, the reporter recently came to visit South Korea bluehole company design director Mr. Lee and made an interview.
Completely constructing the main story content through Part2, the story content is mainly designed around player character…
The game design director Mr. Lee said: “the updating story contents in Yall Kun queen are quite simple. The player goal is just need to destroy Sadelamanayiya who manufactures the Yall Kun. So after the content of Part 1 and Part 2 complete setting up together, all the stories will end.
Add two new copies area, and there are all kinds of new types of BOSS is about to join
The game design director Mr. Lee said: “it will add new copies area in the game Part2; it will be divided into two levels, and will have new BOSS monsters to get on stage.”
“At present, the copy is being designed in game, and also includes various types of BOSS monster. These monsters will go against the player character with the completely new skill.”
In addition, all kinds of new equipments will still attract players, in a word, let us wait and see.

How to play the “TERA” game much better

Do you still play the “TERA”? So you have to know the several elements of the game, in order to play more relaxed and happy.
1.Don’t be necessary to have specific gathering skill and blacksmithing skill
Mining, forging, metallurgy, “TERA” has all the conventional professional skills, but you are able to use those skills without any restrictions. You can learn all the blacksmithing and gathering skills, some race have bonus for specific skills. All of the plants, stones and jewelries are no use restrictions in the game, anyone can gather, if the players get to the corresponding skill level, they can make goods.
2.Some regional is hard to arrive
If you find the way of next region can’t be found, it maybe tell you that you need to climb or through the transmitter. There are a large number of hidden ladders, vines and other alone climbs objects in the game environment. In addition, at least one event need to through transmitter to the specific copy to finish task in every region, the position of the transmitter can easily be found through the quest journal.
3.The rest is mandatory
In addition to health and mana, the role in “TERA” has physical attributes, it’s on behalf of the tired degree of your characters. The initial physical value is 120 points, as you travel, combat and complete tasks, it will gradually decrease. If you are not careful death, it is a double blow. Low energy value will lower your maximum life, mana and the chance of critical strike, so it is not negligible figure. The easiest way to reply physical value is standing near the permanent campfire, or the campfire that using consumables made. If you want to save time and there is extra money, also can find the special clergy NPC in each large city to buy immediately replying physical properties.
You have mastered these factors, so in the game you will play much better. Wish you good luck!

The surprise of “TERA” players –exposure some elements of the game

The operation mode of the “TERA” is similar with most of the 3D online, but it also has some different conventional design. Today, according to the news from internet, below some tips will bring you surprise.
1.Your mouse will often disappear
It is not a new concept for old players. The “DC Universe Online” players will be very easy to know the control method of “TERA”. W, A, S and D keys control movement, but the cursor is locked on the role in the default state. Click the left button is the basic attack, but not is automatic attack, many times click can form chain, the right button is defensive skills, and it”s different between vocational and professional. Press the menu button (default is Alt) will unlock the cursor, which make you normal movement and use interface, etc.
2.Block and evasion is not controlled by attributes
Defense is no longer just equipment attribute. Most classes can be hard fight some monsters of the weak strength, but powerful monsters and special BOSS will force you to move. Before releasing their most serious attack, they will have a brief hint, tell you need immediate be away. With the promotion of your level, you will face more and more powerful enemy, dodge heavy assault and timely counterattack will be very important. Patience and skill is the key to victory, real players can be no any injure in battle.
3.The quest log is filled with hidden information
One of the more wonderful functions of the game is click enemy’s name and role will display on your map with a bright orange, this function is not public explanation in the quest log. If you click monster, all the same kind of biological refresh point will be marked on the map. This function is very practical for a player. After all, sometimes the small map task arrow is not entirely reliable.
I have other points to introduce, please read my next passage tomorrow.

Exposure big BUG of “TERA” Europe and the United States serves

We knew that “TERA” United States serve was formally commercial operated on May 1st; Europe serve was formally commercial operated on May 3rd. But according to foreign media said, “TERA” was on the line soon in Europe and America serves, the account system of the operator En Masse appeared larger errors. So far, the number of errors affects the game player, the number has reached 2000.
As far as we know, En Masse said before, the game players who buy the game client can get a month free game time, but due to the system error, game players are now required to enter the server only when they purchase month cards, or the login server will appear the “renewal time remaining deficiencies” error when the game players land in.

Game screenshots

In this case, the En Masse said in a statement, had been informed of this situation, and can solve in the shortest time. En Masse also said the main reason was that the game players didn’t entrance into the game as soon as possible after buying the client, but they clicked the payment option mistakenly, which leaded to this problem.
Anyway, the players paid, the operator should be responsible for the game players, and I hope they solve this problem as soon as possible.

game  screenshots

Formal Edition TERA strengthen early experience in Eu and the US servers


tera game

The TERA was released in North America. TERA Europe serve is about to go up line operation in May 3rd. The game publisher En Masse Entertainment in the official website announced the characteristic of the start of the game, warmly welcomed players to the TERA which has a fantasy world is full of charm.
Official versions of “TERA” strengthen the game experience before the level 20, the task is more diverse, BOSS is more challenging, rewards is more richer, they can be ensure to provide players with great shock in the first time. Through the content of the task of the formal level 20, the player will further understand the background story of the TERA.

tera  game

Novice content reference:
In the begin of the game: The outpost located in the sea was attacked by demonic forces. Can you save your teammates and prevent the occurrence of a military war?
More evil BOSS: Early enemy will have new tactics and more deadly attack.
Task diversified: the TERA has hundreds of thousands of tasks, the tasks will be completely different from those “hunting “, “collecting” and “delivery” task, the tasks will make you understand those rich history and culture of the TERA world.
In addition, the game has added the stage intrusion model, Nexuses has three stages, and each stage has independent monster, task and rewards. Therefore, all occupations can get new skills; they help players to complete combat better. The formal version game have five new copies, the difficulty of the old copies also get the adjustment, the chance of item drops improve, so the player’s growth is more fluent.
In economic terms, the trade intermediary change for better, trading interface is more friendly, enchants no longer have punishment, enchant failure won’t affect equipment performance, if players like the random properties on a particular armor, they can lock them. In addition, the trade intermediary has been added in instead of individual shops. New Denomination currency join in, the economy of the system would also have some adjustment.
En Masse Entertainment said they will increase search tools for the TERA’s copy in recent updates. En Masse said the copy will provide significant gain the effect on the ranks of organization, when the team beat final BOSS, it could get an additional award. The official website has also listed the whole list of the game copy, including new copies and the copy of modified, and the copy of the drop has been adjusted:

game screenshot

Official version will be more daily tasks, clothing items, mount and so on. It looks like that En Masse welcomes all the new players with their utmost sincerity.