Beat or not beat Warcraft 5.1 courage points can be used for promoting device

World of Warcraft

Players who are familiar with the “World of Warcraft” all know the courage point, point of justice, honor points, conquer points and other kinds of point can be used to exchange equipment or other items in the game, so beat points is the daily task that a lot of players do after the full level, in U.S. server testing, the upcoming 5.1 patch has a new purpose – to make these points to upgrade equipment levels.
According to reports, the players can spend 750 courage or conquer points to improve four grades of equipment level, they can be upgraded to 2 times, besides, you can spend 1500 justice points or honor points to increase equipment level by eight grades, the approximate rule is courage points and justice points can upgrade PvE equipment, honor points and conquest points are used to enhance the PvP equipment, now I do not see what the equipment can not be upgraded, but each piece of equipment most can be upgraded by eight level.
This may be good news for players, who have no team or do not have time to play, raid or even “black face”, they can make up for the shortage of these equipment level through these points, they can especially some of the copy of the hero level and random raid lowest equipment and other requirements. But there are also players think that it is excuse clearly of Blizzard allowing players to constantly beat monster, and continuing to do daily task, we have previously reported that 5.1 will open a new faction and new daily task, if the function that using the points to upgrade equipment level really came to a formal service, will you beat it or not?