To “Children’s Day” gift-never forgotten ten games

Today is “Children’s Day”, when the day is coming, I always feel endless remembered and regrets, always recall the good memories of childhood. Do you remember the time we several small partners were noisy for the game? The time goes quickly, we also grow slowly, but some classic PC games still can’t be forgotten for a long time.

 super Mario
“The super Mario”
Do you still remember? It was the red hat plumbers Mario that became popular in the world for more than 20 years, beat BOSS, save the princess, pick mushrooms, trample monster, these are all his best stunt.

The Contra

“The Contra”
Every time I think of this game, the classical opening music will linger in the ear; many of the classic scenes in the game are still vivid. In “Family Computer” age, “Contra” absolutely is the classic of shooting games.

Adventure Island

“Adventure Island”
The game is the pain that doesn’t explain in our childhood, the excessive levels and gradually increase the difficulty of the task, let many children can’t go out to find fun in summer holidays.

Double Dragon

The “Double Dragon” series
The “Double Dragon” is the father of the scroll type grapple game, in the game you can see the shadow of Bruce lee and jeet kune do. At that time, every day fantasy ourselves a hero, grapple game really satisfies us a lot of vanity.

The Pocket Monster

“The Pocket Monster”
The Pocket Monster opened a new era of electronic pets for game industry. Today it is still our favorite.

Destiny of an Emperor

“Destiny of an Emperor”
“Destiny of an Emperor” is a RPG game, the design prototypes of online game is Motomiya Hiroshi cartoon the same as the arcade version game.

Dragon Ball

The “Dragon Ball”
“Dragon Ball” almost login all the game platform, from the earliest FC to DC, PS, XBOX, WILL, you can find the figure of the game, the game mostly is combat or action adventure, also have role playing turn-based games.



“Diablo” series
From “Diablo 1” to “Diablo 3”, each game is very hot. But in our heart, “Diablo 2” is not just classic work, but also is the god’s work.

Street Fighter

“Street Fighter”
“Street Fighter” is classic work of grapple game, because of the good balance it was so popular in the early years! Chun Li in the game became the goddess in the heart of many players.

The King of Fighter

“The King of Fighter”
The story background of “The King of Fighter” is battle-scarred combat stars in a whole new way against, combined with a powerful team to battle. The against process is exciting, and happy, that kind of feeling is still fresh in our memories.