Blade soul worldview


A long time ago, humans, animals and monsters who live in buy blade and soul gold harmony in this world.

Until one day, filled with “evil intent” the aggregate enveloped the earth, chaotic era begins.

Day becomes night, sea swirl clouds, the earth began to fission, mountains distorted due to dry. Monster becomes extremely brutal, human and animal becomes the rampant monster
Xmas martial arts master who excels at using the aggregate of the evil power and become the evil martial arts, the entire arena suddenly becomes a sea of??Blood ocean.
Once upon a time the gods can no longer stand idly by, they recruited decent master and issued a purpose of God.

Martial arts master who saddled with the purpose of God’s mission, came to repel demons, evil work with experts in a fierce battle.

Evil triumphs in the end, honest expert will be aggregate seal in support of the world on four Tianzhu, peaceful dawn kiss the earth again.

However, this peace did not last long.

As time goes by, ready to make the aggregate to find the opportunity.

Huge once again let the world into chaos, humans, animals, and evil monsters again were eroded.

Cloud State overturned the south by the King of heaven to buy blade soul gold NIE established a feudal state, has a history of 1,000 years. Who dominate the east and south China, very popular. Now, under blows in the wind empire, cloud country lost the east continent, retreated to the south. The current state of cloud Homeland divided into four (Jianyuan Castle – small states, Dragon Lin – Courtesy State, the desert – cold state, Lotus prison volcano – next state) by the direct descendant of princes who governed the king Nie.

East wind Empire is the dominant imperialist countries on the continent, the founding less than 20 years. (Chien-yuan 20 years) had the east continent is inhabited by many ethnic minorities Cloud State jurisdiction, and when the horse Empress host, the cloud situation in the country became pale, the oppression of the East China also became very powerful.

Wind Kusakabe alive today, the various sects have appeared. The battle between good and evil is becoming more intense. Meet like-minded alliance between sects, avoiding each other senseless battle. Make decent martial arts martial arts league in name, but who are gathered in the celestial globe Xiepai teach banner.

Wain League

One of the world double-well potential. Decent people with martial arts organization created huge.

Union members Wulin significant meaning, it speaks arena rules, but also rigid. To protect clouds country trying to punish their evil demons crooked road and impeccable inferno. In their view, in order to cloud the country’s cause, need some civilians to sacrifice, compromise and accept some appropriate necessary tyranny rule. Because they believe that the value of things and Fadal are to buy BNS gold prepare the upper class in society.

Haitian teach

One of the world double-well potential. God made the black day asked the day, led by religious groups.

Good to do good and evil forces, but not exposed. They think the world of chaos is a sign of purification, see distressed people certainly helping hand extended, in the face of corrupt officials and never hesitate. And it also allows them to become a thorn in Izumo, Izumo dynasty repeatedly repression hunting teacher, even as they carried out evil exterminated.

Haitian taught very early learned the true identity of the inferno, but also realize the right way to go is impossible to resist the inferno, and only chance of survival at all costs. For the celestial globe to teach, the inferno is irreconcilable enemies. I believe the inferno, the use of aggregate behavior is not allowed in disobedience acts doctrine.

Meanwhile, martial arts attempted to use an aggregate function to blade soul Gold get the evil and dominate the world have also been found in the martial arts. One is that Qin.