What game we can play during the Halloween – StoneAge

Halloween is also known as Halloween, in the eve of Halloween. On October 31 of each year, the devil will open the door of the supernatural. Kids wear a colorful costume and wear strange masks, carrying a lantern “Jack light” to go to others’ house to obtain candy. In this distant original continent, how to complete the task of the original people and how to obtain their Halloween gift? StoneAge Carnival Halloween, brings mysterious gifts for players!

Halloween Wizard: It is Halloween. I want to plant pumpkin. Please help me find seven pumpkins stem on the island of Bora 50 years ago, even if it didn’t grow the pumpkins, will give you other incentives. As long as have pumpkin or pumpkin lights in the village heads of Mary Nasi village, Hotter village, KeErKe village, exchange the Halloween gift.
Pumpkin sculptor: Carving pumpkins is an art, and if you have a chisel, I can help you carve pumpkins into pumpkin lantern.
At 8:00 on the October 31 – at 8:00 on the November 7
Active process:
1, the players have a dialogue with NPC Halloween Wizard, get props pumpkin head.
2, after having pumpkin head in backpack, enter into heroes Island to attack Baduolanen who loves pumpkin, and Oka Los, it has a certain probability to fall pumpkin vine.
3, carrying 7 pumpkins vine to find NPC Halloween elves, you have a certain probability to exchange the pumpkin. The pumpkin Vine exchange does not limit the number of times.
Optional: Use pumpkin and graver (mall props) to exchange pumpkin lights in the NPC pumpkin sculptor, after having pumpkin lantern, have dialogue with four village heads to receive random rewards.
4, carry pumpkins or pumpkin lights to our village head to exchange reward props. You can exchange once every day. After exchange, players can get randomly rewarded.
All Neolithic players all can get Halloween gifts in the place of four village heads. Every day can exchange once.


Diablo 3 big change–V1.0.3 patch update

Diablo 3 update instructions
diablo 3

The comprehensive
1, in order to avoid to unconscious let the monster rush into the village from other place, it will have the portal in the New Tristram and at the end of bridge in Wail Canyon. Towns should always is safety zone far away from the fighting, the change would save New Tristram’s residents from the threat of evil forces outside the wall.
2, now it can use the currency of Chile, Argentina and Brazil to trade in cash auction houses.
Comprehensive change
1, the friends name will rank in alphabetical order in buddy list now, real ID friends are in the front, and then nickname friends are ranked behind in battle.net.
2, fast join menu now is also ranked according to the order, real ID friends are in the front, and then nickname friends are ranked behind in battle.net.
3, it now can save your chat setting and option when you log out.
BUG repair
In the channel where has many people use "/who" command will not lead to the client collapse.
"Asked to join the team" button in the following situation will now turn grey:
(1) Refuse to join when invite.
(2) Send out the group invitation and refuse.
(3) Accept group invited, but immediately leave the team.
Role screen now should show the right section and the information of tasks.
Craftsman system
Comprehensive change
The forging expenses of all items in level 1-59 are lower 50% to 75%.
The blacksmith
The cost of training the blacksmith reduces 50%.
It decreases the number of forging book pages, the book of forging and mysterious that upgrade needs.
(1) The number that basic level needs is reduced from 5 to 1 page per book.
(2) The number of the glory master needs is reduced from 5 to 2 pages per book.
The items have three modification affix no longer needs forging pages or forging book when forge.
The items that have four modified affix and five modified affix (including purgatory difficulty items) need much less gold when forge.
The chance of getting legend level material will reduce when decompose the 60th level items.