Big exposure the first content of “Vindictus”—archer Kaye

The most expecting fifth professional in “Vindictus”—archer Kaye will be opened recently, I believe that everyone curiosity and expectation already are at the top! Now let’s first experience.
First, the unprecedented archers
The new role—archer Kaye not only inherits the ” Vindictus” features “luxuriant skills”, “strong blow feeling”, and “high interactive with the player”. In addition to the above characteristics, Kaye combat method is also very unique, even might say is “unprecedented” in many online archers! Why to say so? What difference does he have? Besides agile skill and remote high output, Kaye is a fearing opponent when have closing combat. Kaye uses the most direct way to give each other a fatal blow, through closing to enemy let output get the highest and most centralized, and he can freely escape from encirclement.

the archer Kaye
2. The new core of team
The birth of Kate has special meaning for “Vindictus”. Kaye can flexible switch his own weapons, and is a hero can adjust the position and role, it can be said that none of people can compare with him. Kaye also has group attack skills and can “block the enemy action” field control skills, which make the team dash and tactics withdrawal much faster and safety. Not only so, Kaye is the unprecedented first hero can “sniper” the boss.
Kaye, he is a high output hero, he is so powerful that his birth is for fight, he is the only one core of team.

the archer Kaye
The player’s support is our biggest power, let us meet in the ” Vindictus” Kaye experience service!

“Vindictus” will open test on June 12 and add the new role Kayes

“Vindictus” will be on the June 12 open experience test, according to reliable news, this test will open new role Kayes and 24 people red dragon copy. In addition, the test will continue until June 18 (maintain 6 days), at that time players can fully experience the latest game content.
Good at shooting–Kayes

Good at shooting--Kayes
Kayes is a marksman who is good at bow skill, can carry faster attack, manipulating strong short bow and range far, output high long bow. The varieties changes distance bow skill and agile and keeping a distance of combat can makes him quickly get away in critical condition, even face several enemies, he also can against enemy with multiple luxuriant skills. Even melee combat, also have the appropriate attacking skills to be used.
In addition, Kayes also has unique play set, can at will switch weapons in the copy battle, which offset a lot of other professional insufficiency and play out a strong ability to fight and mobility.
Enjoy to experience 24 people new copy-red dragon copy

red dragon copy
The restriction on the number is at least 24 in red dragon copy, perhaps many players will think that 24 humanistic may be too much! Don’t worry, this copy adopts a new upload data model: Dedicated server (DS) mode, DS model replaces the original game system that can’t calculus expression by using the imaginary group, no matter how the system configuration members can be refreshing fighting, and it is different from the original data of the group members need to send to the captain there, the data directly send to the server, the pleasure fight was expected through the DS! Isn’t it?
In addition, according to reliable news, soon in the future, “Vindictus” will also add the pet system, the new black dragon and ice dragon. We are looking forward to his open test.