The combination of death and supernatural fighting 2Necromancer Secret

“Guild Wars 2” from the formal sale closer, the Guild Wars 2 Gold extraordinary quality MMORPG has so many players who look forward to this rich content, excellent picture for a long time. But in the beginning, “Guild Wars 2” legendary adventure, you need to face the choice is: Occupation. In all eight kinds of occupations, including a variety of combat will be the perfect way to blend into the darkness deadly combination, that is death and outsider forces commander “Necromancer”.

“Necromancer” and “Guild Wars 2”, like other professions, there are several methods of combat. He not only be able to use melee weapons but also in the distant chant dark spells. Their spells can not only cause direct damage to the enemy will attach different negative effects, such as “bleeding” will make the enemy continued to lose the value of life, and “disability” will make the attacker’s movement speed is reduced.

These abnormal state with the skills so that “Necromancer,” the battle to fully neutralize opponents. Only in the face of multiple targets, will allow the “Necromancer” feel the pressure. May be even so, “Necromancer” is also able to call out the bugs, and the specter of war to help themselves.

In the beginning, “Necromancer” is Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold the default treatment skills summon a “demon blood”, it will draw the enemy’s health supplement to the Summoner. After activating this skill, it will become another trick that lets Devil Summoner sacrificed to greatly enhance the value of life. With the experience of the acquisition, “Necromancer” can also summon other demons, including a pair of small but quick action of the monster, and remote attacks flesh worms.

In addition to these summons, “Necromancer” You can also use tags and springs to control the surrounding environment. Spring will be around there, affects both teammates and enemies. Markers can be placed at a distance, free activation.

“Necromancer” The most interesting part of the skill is his ability to absorb life. He was able to extract him from the body life force, this unique energy will be provided to the Death Shroud skills, so that “Necromancer” cast powerful spells or summon unique monsters.

And other occupations, “Necromancer” There is tremendous potential. Take advantage of the skills with negative effects, reasonable call, with the Death Shroud skills, “Necromancer” has a Buy GW2 Gold surprisingly powerful capabilities.

Call of Duty 10 plot revealed

“Call of Duty 10: Ghost” developer Infinity Ward recently accepted a British game magazine interview, reveal something about the story of the game for multiplayer mode and the latest news.

My group is now able to disclose information to us is not a lot. We now know that in the game’s multiplayer aspect of each map are able to interact with the players, such as including a map of the satellite above a crash, if you can succeed (alive) arrived at the crash point, then you will You can pick up a UAV. In addition, the game will also have a lot of multiplayer mode to expand customization options allow you to dress up their roles, a large number of single-player mode from the game’s skin has now been integrated into the multiplayer mode, they can help players in battle with other players when highlight their personality.

In the game plot, “Call of Duty 10: Ghost” is not “Modern Warfare” series or the “Black Ops” series, the story continues, but more like a brand new storyline. The game is set in the United States in the near future. At that time the United States has suffered several attacks, but large-scale war broke too many times. But now we do not know who the intruder.

No one knows this “ghost squad” where they come from or who they are, only knew the air squad represents salvation and hope. Game story revolves around two brothers launched their war-ravaged in the United States grew. The game story from the first time I saw the two brothers began to ghost squad. Also note that while the players inside called “Ghost” with “Modern Warfare” series who “Ghost” in no way related, at least in terms of the role they just name it exactly the same.

“Call of Duty 10: Ghost” on November 5 will be officially on sale, which will be released first Xbox One exclusive DLC, other platforms including the Xbox360, PS3, PS4, PC.

World of Warcraft patch 5.1 will be released courage point can upgrade equipment

Blizzard has revealed recently, the "World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandania" will have the first major content updates.
The patch 5.1 the update brings will develop story, add new task and factions, the introduction of the underground battle of capital city, and also improve the pet combat system, and allow players with courage points to upgrade equipment.

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandania
Blizzard said the update marks will have more content in future.
5.1 version content exposure before
Pandaria and conquer war
Although members of the alliance and horde has been busy in exploring Pandaria mainland, Garr Rouc and Varian have been gathered the forces, prepare for endless disputes in the lost continent. Players who did task in the pandaria mainland will see both sides of the army enemy at this strange mainland, which let both sides conflict again fierce. New daily task area and prestige will be opened to riskers involved in the dispute.
Fighters’underworld gang
The increasingly popular underground fighting field in Stormwind and auge RuiMa will provide strong fighters the challenge to the most powerful of the most dangerous creatures of the opportunity in "world of warcraft". The first rule of fight is you can’t talk about fight, the second……
Improvement of pet combat
It got some UI and other aspects of improvement in pet combat system, including ascension the method you capture the quality of pet.
Upgrade items
You will be able to use the courage points to upgrade equipments you have. Continue to do task
Black prince Raggio is very interested in the conflict of the south coast of Pandaria. He will certainly provide for players with new mission, as a part method of getting legendary equipment.

How to avoid the “Mass Effect 3” bad ending – part two


2. Make it into online game
When ME3 released, the Bioware company founder expressed that they are interested in making an online game in the ME universe.
Maybe Bioware was too busy recently, but for now the ME universe width and depth they created are very suitable for making a many people online RPG online game.
Of course, if Bioware do so, may have a little gambling feeling, so may be more likely to be like “Star Wars: the old republic”, becoming into “the old republic knight”. Whichever way, this plan has very huge potential.
3. Continue to write ME3
Most people have been disappointed the end of the ME3, if writers said something in the fourth part, whether the setting time or place of the ending is well. It is very simple, just like the recent DLC, is mess and has no idea, enthusiastic fan attack all ignore off.
So the future of the game will be much better, for this we can see the influence of the war between Shepard and the Reapers, still can make the file of ME3 game playing the effort.