Return to the 2003 Blizzard WOW information station decade ago – part3

Early Warlock only had human and orc two major optional races, main skills were sacrifice, the confrontation magic (evil demon spell, not the counter) and summons demons. Warlock positioning has not changed much, at essence, changes in later are just the strength of the adjustment, and increase or decrease of skills.
Early Druid optional races are the Night Elves and Tauren, this situation has continued to cataclysm. Druid was to be positioned as a mixed vocational skill from the beginning, mainly skills were transfiguration, healing and moonfire. They represent the wild, restoration and balance respectively. This design idea has also been extended to today.
Up to the early, fighters have kinds of optional races were human, dwarves, night elves, orcs and tauren (no souls). While the position more inclined to tank human shields, the two skills – Shield Slam and defensive posture more emphasis on defense. Whirlwind is output skills, has been retained for the soldiers until now.
The early mage only had an alliance of humans and dwarves. Dwarf mage is later removed, and is replaced by the souls. The earliest mage has indeed legendary stealth skills, but when the thieves came, they stole the Master’s masterstroke, the icon of the Ice Barrier earliest belonged to the Ice Barrier. In addition, the fireball is the master output skills from the initial.