Aion online professional product system

Avon business skills with other MMORPGs no difference. Through three steps to Aion Gold achieve the target article: Preparing Raw materials / ingredients; materials processing; goal finished product (success / failure). Probability of success depends largely on the player’s skill level manufacturing. If the player is not successfully manufactured, items will disappear all manufacturing materials.

Prepare raw materials / ingredients

Raw materials needed for manufacturing goods can be divided into the following four categories:

Raw materials collected from the wild for the manufacture of goods must first be defined before (ore -& bars / stones, wood -& paper, edible materials -& food). The initial production skills in several stages, including the most refined skills.

Manufacture of articles in Aion is worth noting that raw materials. Sale of materials and other business skills from the materials obtained are interconnected. For example, if you need [thin belt], you can get the appropriate business skills, but you can also be purchased from the appropriate NPC obtained from the NPC to purchase this material only drawback is the price higher, and create their own Materials needed skills upgrading will make you feel pleasure.

Materials processing

Ready for processing materials for gamers does not need special equipment to make tools. However, the player must find the corresponding equipment, which can be found near the city corresponding NPC. And manufactured items need to be patient. Players must pass three steps: material preparation, manufacturing / refining process, manufacturing final goods. Every step of the probability of buy aion kinah success or failure. So, before you proceed to manufacture goods, they have to hoard raw materials.


I have to make my weapon! Wisconsin profession allows players to manufacture metal weapons such as long-handled weapon, sword, sword, dagger, and scepter. Weapon forging material is usually obtained from the raw ore. The ore is also associated with forging armor.


How to make jewelry, bow / stick it… gem processing method allows players to manufacture jewelry, wooden weapons and various other objects. Now and stick through this professional manufacture. Gems and timber are usually made of materials.


Can make potions / Magic Roll / magic weapon! Pharmacy by restoring life and man while the player’s life play a crucial role. Alchemy of great benefit for law career, this job can produce high-quality law books and talismans. Use the herbs, wood and stone monster’s soul.


Excellent food makes me stronger! Cooking food and produce can provide role buffs. In the fertile continent of Atreia is easy access to material things. Common ingredients include fruit picked from the trees, caught fish from aion kinah the lake, obtained from the seaside and clam meat from monsters found in countless other materials.

Timeless adventure sided role – blackened priestess

Recently,”eternal adventure” handed first exposure new AMP role – Priestess “Lynn”, and its appearance is a long ponytail silver hair burst milk royal sister, an angel in the game type and blackening double-sided image. Handheld fan as a weapon, good long-range magic attacks, in the battle to achieve special effects such as the release of the hurricane roars floating, blowing flying enemies, and the release of weak frontal attack stunt reduce the gap enemy defenses, the perfect interpretation of the Ming cool fighting game with happiness.

Game, Lin was born in a small village isolated “Jiaang” Lynn’s past life is a symbol of life and purity of the Goddess “Ark nacy.” In the past, “Ark nacy” Goddess during the trip and start fighting the evil Monster and Monster seal in their body. That is why, the goddess lost most Protoss forces, and have lost the ability eternal life, which has become a Jiaang village reincarnation little girl, “Lynn.” However, this world, unfortunately, things still happen, and in Lynn 15 birthday, the village suffered a major disaster, Lin escaped from the disaster after convinced that a certain someone could help her, and then embarked on a go ” I satisfied special “long travel. Perhaps, the goddess of identity doomed past this life Lynn cannot become an ordinary person.

As Lynn Past “Ark nacy” Monster Goddess will seal in his own body, the world’s Lynn has a dual identity between justice and evil. It also determines the Lynn will appear after the second turn “light” and “shadow” occupational differences, namely the black angel type of type two extremes.

Angel with a turn-based Lynn as when using the flash, storms and other natural forces give the enemy a fatal blow, and blackening type Lynn will use black power, so that the body of the evil monster control themselves, using the power of the release of a wide range of Monster nirvana, attack all nearby enemies rage generated after awakening a monster hit, hit all their enemies dare to close.

Display “Firefall” character armor interface full of future element

In the “Firefall”, different professions have their own armor, and they use armor upgrading and strengthening to replace character upgrading, in armor interface, interface that the game provides can be controlled, it can make players to check their armor performance, components, skill and weapon. You can see the armor interface full of futuristic through the video in the net.

FirefallIn the “Firefall”, the armor in every part of body has its own function, such as the arm is the main weapon and vice weapons and their ammunition, through the upgrade and unlock, players will have different weapons and ammunition to replace, and the upper part of the body is mainly armor, processor and different skills, and so upgrade and unlock the related talent can gain better parts and skills, the main parts of the lower half body are propeller, believe that all the people are very familiar with this part.
In addition to their own specific attribute, Different parts and weapons equipment all have CPU power, energy and weight the three big properties, and the three big properties of all the equipment are added up that is the total energy and load of the armor, this value can’t be allowed to exceed the maximum.