2012 Halloween pumpkin carving contest officially began

Blizzard has released the 2012 Halloween pumpkin carving contest news:

pumpkin carving contest
Halloween has finally arrived, and we have ready for “directly access to the heart of the festival”. If you are keen to pick up a knife to chop, cut, scratch and stab something, and then you may be pleased to learn that, since October 11, the Blizzard of 2012 Halloween pumpkin-carving contest has officially begun! Take out of your magic axe, Spectral Blade, chitin claws and other imaginative tool to create unparalleled pumpkin lights as Blizzard theme. If you are not yet unclear the concept of unparalleled, you can check out winners of last year to get some inspiration.
We will select 10 of the most dazzling pumpkin as winners, and each will receive a”World of Warcraft Monopoly” Collector’s Edition!
Do not delay, do it immediately! The ninth pumpkin carving contest will be end on October 29, so please be sure to read the contest rules and qualifications in event page, and directly act on.
Do you take part in the Halloween pumpkin carving contest of last year? If not, can join in this contest, I always think happy is the most important!