Exposure ten important changes in “Resident Evil 6” – part four

Resident Evil 67. Chris campaign is comprehensive close to shooting game In Leon campaign, it has fight in suspenseful atmosphere, more like the “Resident Evil 4”, in Chris story it is a lot of action components, similar with “Resident Evil 5”. So such problems that lack of recognition before were solved.
The “Resident Evil 6” is divided into independent three campaigns, so Karp can full play out different style. Chris story can boldly make into action shooting game. In addition to the obvious changes in enemy, level design is also completely different, it feels more like the first person shooter game. Fast rhythm smooth battle, and development of map design, which let the game experience fluency and vivid.
8. QTE is more intelligent
In recent years, in the games of “Resident Evil” series, they are no lack of QTE part. But in the “Resident Evil 6”, it is also not the former feeling. Said before, the final skill QTE of enemy is not the simple seckill before, in addition to this there are also many unique QTE versions, and not just simple press the key according to clew. For example, when you are siege by zombies, and try to block the door, not only simply to give the closing door’s instructions and you crazily press the button, the game lens will give close-up, one hand shot to beat off zombies and another hand closed the door. Such processing technique of filmimuunnos let players be personally on the scene.
Again for instance when Leon escaped into a car, zombies began to smash the glass and wave car, QTE appeared. Press the A to lock the door, and then drive away? No, you need to use rocker to look at the car where the key is hidden, press once you can look for a possible location. If bad luck, will switch to Leon perspective to look at him swallowed by zombies.

Exposure ten important changes in “Resident Evil 6” – part three

5. Zombies are more difficult to be beaten
First of all, they are harder to be killed. If you shot the bullet on the body of zombies, they can resistance more bullets; headshot also won’t be particularly effective. And you often need 2 or 3 bullets to headshot can thoroughly kill a zombie; the premise is you can shot the head. Now the zombies will be slouching head, so it’s more difficult to shoot.
They often stumble dangler, there is no sign they are direct to jump when arrive at a distance. Although not often meet, just occasionally also it is frighten you.
6. Very strong new enemy Javo
At the beginning of Chris and Jake campaign, can see new enemy, look like Ganado changed skin, but actually they are wiser, more agile and more deadly. Even can use weapons, sword, gun and other things, it has very strong offensive as long as can beat you will directly attack you face.
It’s just their ordinary people form, they will also change. Imagine a spider can use machine guns, basically just like that.

Expose the “Resident Evil 6” 19 species method in killing zombies

Recently, the media released the dynamic graph about 19 kinds of killing zombies methods in the “Resident Evil 6”, these moves are mainly mercenaries ambitions kung fu appearing in single story mode. We can say except gun, close quarters to combat to kill zombies a big luminescent spot in the game. And in previous media reports, Capcom official also encouraged players to kill an enemy through CQC, if players want to experience this pleasant sensation of dismembered corpse, let’s go and see it.
1. Use your fist back to crazy pat the zombie face.

fist back to pat the zombie2. Seize the zombie legs, and throw out directly.
3. Use my elbow to hit face.
4. Directly kick chin.
5. Use Falcon Punch eagle boxing to overturn zombie.
6. 360 degrees rotate kick the back part of head.

360 degrees rotate kick7. Quietly close to the zombie back, grab its head to hit partition.
8. Or directly grab the head of the zombies to hit the wall
9. Use elbow to strong struck them.
10. Grip the head of the zombies from the back, direct twist off its neck.
11. Grip the zombie head, at the same time jump forward to somersault.
12. Directly push the zombie over the rail, make it fallen to its death.
13. Smash the zombies head in pike.
14. Use “bulldog type” to kill zombie.
15. Directly use knife to poke into zombies viscera.
16. Back embrace to throw the zombie.
17. Use uppercut.
18. Take the zombie iron to directly beat face.
19. The zombie you meet is a drunkard, take the bottle to hit back.