The “PlanetSide 2” three career orientation advantages and disadvantages analysis

The “PlanetSide 2” had been online in United States server, today I will introduce three major occupation in it, infiltrator, light stormtroopers and combat medic orientation and quality analysis.

PlanetSide 2

Infiltrator default equipment is sniper rifle, certainly, can also use shotgun, a suit of sneaking suit defines the combat characteristics of infiltrator, press F key can be invisible in a period of time, certainly in stealth state, infiltrator output damage will be discount, and movement speed also can be reduced, but the ability can be strengthened through the unlock skills. In addition infiltrator can use all sorts of explosive devices, such as “jump Betty” anti – infantry bounding mine, standard grenade, sticky body grenade and IFF grenades can directly scan the area nearby enemy.
Auxiliary combat is one of the positioning of infiltrator, they can invade enemy computer terminal, scan nearby stealth enemy, damage shield, interference enemy radar leading to small map not able to use and so on.
Advantage: it can be invisibility and avoid most enemy, sniper rifle can deal with all other occupations in the distance, which is also the only one career can invade the enemy computer terminal.
Disadvantages: its armor is weak, and if have short fight is no advantage, even in the team, the infiltrator combat effectiveness is common.


“Honor System” has been officially online in “League of Legends”

“Honor System” had been on official listed on the October 2th in the “League of Legends” (abbreviation: LOL), after the end of each game, players can score teammates or opponents through this system, it is expected to it will become the reference that players perform in the game.

Honor System
After each game, the player can click on the green “Thumbs Up” button to honor score for his teammates or opponents. There are four classifications about “Honor” points: Helpful, Friendly, Teamwork and Honorable Opponent.
All summoners are limited to be given the number of “Honor”, as long as again have a match, the player can get “glory” times, usually the “honor” points will get from the players who never repeat.
“Honor” is not money, but is reference for the performance of players in the game. The official said that they plan to give the most respected summoners extra reward in the future, now has not yet further news.
“Honor System” had been on line in American server, if you want to know more news, but pay attention to the follow-up reports.
I believe the “Honor System” will add more fun to game, so looking forward its more news about this, what about you?