What differences between DOTA2 and the DOTA

As the orthodox sequel of DOTA series, it is said “DOTA2 (booking)” will try to restore DOTA, and take care the operation habit of the old players, but after all the engine is different and times is also different, some things in the game will certainly be changed adapting to the times, first let us see what changes are there in game.

1, game lobby
In order to clear their own ambitions, and also in order to profit, DOTA2 certainly will not be played like DOTA as a free WAR3 map. In match mode, before players can enter into the game to decide the choice of the hero, and we can see, the hero will wear different types of equipment to change the shape, and of course, these equipments do not influence the hero property.
2, screen mobile
Players who are familiar with WAR3 newly contact DOTA2 engine will certainly be a subtle feeling, in addition to the game screen becoming more real and gorgeous, in the scroll of the screen, it also has different feeling with WAR3, when move screen, there is a slight acceleration sense, which is one of the things most likely to affect the operation of players.
3, the operating mode
If you do not use the “changing key tools” in DOTA, all operating buttons are fixed, so that one of the biggest disadvantage is that you must be familiar with the skills of each hero shortcuts and to ensure the accuracy to press. But when entering the DOTA2 times, the set of skill keys is adopted the setting of QWER (EF) the same with LOL, players can also set into preferences button in setting.
In addition, in the game skills upgrading is no longer like in WAR3 clicking the yellow “+” sign to learn, but the first click the yellow tips on the head portrait, and then select the appropriate skills, compared to directly click to upgrade skill in LOL, this set seems a bit complicated.


Call of Duty 9 season pass selling price released

Recently, the “Call of Duty 9: Black Ops 2” Season Pass now can pre-order in Steam platform, called it ultimate experience “Call of Duty 9: Black Ops 2”, because it includes 4 DLC map pack, and prices at $ 49.99.

Call of Duty 9
The players will find that this season pass does not include the game itself. It means that PC gamers will have to spend $ 110 enjoying the so-called “ultimate experience”, and this is also reason that the players who have been sniffy Activision “DLC money making machine”. The day had gone that just paying $ 50 will be able to play a game (including the later additional free content).
Certainly, some people can ignore the season pass, but among of you are really willing to pay $ 110 just to buy a game? Do not forget, we also do not include the Collector’s Edition. If this is the case, the pressure of your money in the future will become increasingly large, when more and more developers/publishers began to use the same method, you can’t complain.
The era background of “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” is set in 2025, it will bring the players into a global conflict. Just as the major news media headlines shown to us today, players experience the high-tech weapons in the Cold War of the new century, the smart robot as well as the UAV warfare.
“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” is scheduled to be on list on November 13, 2012, landing PC, Xbox360 and PS3.