GTA5 ten predict Refresh Rockstar sales – part two

Win back to the heart of doubters

The debate about the true degree has been continued for years and does not stop, every time fans all will debate. Some stubborn think, the crazier the better, some think that insist on realism is more important. After all, when driving is more difficult, make some cool action will let you feel a sense of accomplishment.
I think Rockstar has been seen the debate snicker behind his back, according to the former sales, after all “GTA4” sales are not better than the former two works. Estimate that they will take compromise, appropriately to reduce authenticity and increase crazy degree.
So, when new game releases, it will attract many players that will lose interest in this game.
Let other players be disappointed
Although a more exciting GTA will win back a large number of fans, the depressed real degree will certainly let another group of people be disappointed. They will post to the world and say this kind of new game will be worse than “GTA4”, and then second-hand game will occupy the market.
Players are a group of volatile people, and for the love of the game, they don’t allow other people question. GTA is a game that many players support it, every time when it releases, it is the highly expected by many players, there are some players will be disappointed. As we previously forecasted, those players who like GTA4 sense of reality will be disappointed.
At least has a perfect score

Speak frankly Rockstar is outstanding in the industry. They almost have never lose, is often surprising to the industry when release something. This kind of heavyweight works tends to have high score. Nothing is perfect, no game is perfect, but when GTV5 releases, you will still see at least one evaluation will get full marks.

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